Providing a single platform to enhance the valuation process for real estate appraisers, brokers, and investors. Experience how you can easily analyze and value the real estate market using integrated data modeling solutions


Real Estate Market Analysis

ValueRequest provides quick access to a number of public data sources that are ready for download and analysis alongside your private subject and comparable information


Integrated Data Solutions

Our solution for data integration is to provide the means to upload any combination of privately acquired comps to be merged and analyzed with our quick access public market data


Enhanced Property Valuations

Create accurate and reliable property valuations by instantly running regression & adjustment analysis against your newly integrated market variables

GIS mapping & available public data

GIS mapping functions provide you with the best approach to analyzing your privately held comparable data alongside our quick access public information for a customized geographical analysis of market variables .

Our platform is design to allow you to access, download, and merge your data with any number of public sourced directories all in one location.

Simply select from the list of available sources (FFIEC, Census, Transportation, etc.) to analyze relevant market factors


Custom data integration

Without the proper tools to review, sort, and test a large amount of data from a variety of sources, you run the risk of excluding key variables that affect your final valuation. 

ValueRequest was designed to integrate your most important data onto one interactive and custom table that directly integrates with our mapping, regression, and adjustment capabilities

Comprehensive regression analysis

Using regression modeling is considered one of the most necessary, yet frequently overlooked, methods for verifying and defending your opinion of value.

In most cases, many valuation professionals leave out this very important feature in their reports because of the lack of readily available data. 

Not only is the necessary data itself overlooked, but the tools to properly analyze and evaluate this newly acquired information is often missing. 

ValueRequest has set out to create a platform that eliminates this complexity.

We have done this to better streamlining the data analysis process by allowing you to simply select the necessary variables that account for key drivers of value for testing using our custom and interactive regression analysis platform.


Supportable adjustment tables

Here is where it all comes together to create a strong opinion of value by utilizing key market components.

Our Adjustment Table works together with our GIS, Data Integration, and Regression Analysis features to make accurate, on-the-fly market adjustments


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