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Our online platform operates to provide valuation specialists with the enhanced capability of gathering and analyzing complex data-sets for statistical modeling and report building.

The need for improvement

The valuation process is very complex and requires meaningful data, analysis, and well-supported opinions of value. More than ever appraisers are under extreme scrutiny. Courts, governmental agencies, investors, principal owners, and others are demanding “proof” that appraisal conclusions (opinions of value) are based on verifiable facts and a sound, supportable analysis

ValueRequest excels at providing location data in combination with your specific property data, which provides the tools and processes that meet or exceed the demands of today’s users of appraisal services. From the very beginning, ValueRequest set out with a very clear goal in mind – Provide the best means for all appraisers, brokers, and investors to easily complete complex property valuations accurately and with access to as many data sets as possible on one interactive platform. 

Here is our solution for making the complex, simple: 

– Start by merging readily available public data with private comparables on our interactive map. 

– Easily customize how both your public and private data is merged together for comparison on an interactive data table.

– Run Regression analysis on any combination of merged public data with subject comps in just a few clicks.

– quickly make credible, on the fly, value adjustments from any combination of data sources.

– Create report ready valuations that are supported by extensive data collection and thorough professional analysis.

GIS Data

Data Collection – Your subject property and its associated features are very important. Here is what you’ll have access to: 

  • Census
  • Land & Water Features
  • Flood & Hydrography
  • NASS Farms
  • Transportation
  • And much more!
ValueRequest Polygon Data Mapping
regression chart


Fit Test – Next, you’ll have the capability of running a series of individual regressions while maintaining the ability to simultaneously add and remove specific data points to further enhance the fit type of your selected variables. 
Regressions Include:

  • Linear
  • Exponential
  • Logarithmic
  • Power
  • Time Adjustment


Custom Analysis – Now you can select for the data you need most, then test its fit through running individual regressions for adjustment support, and in relation to a multitude of additional factors such as:

  • Financing
  • Conditions of sale
  • Market conditions
  • Physical characteristics
  • And many other important factors
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