The power to apply value

Providing real estate valuation experts with the software to integrate and analyze key data using smart technologies

Appraisal process

Spatial analysis

Interactive GIS functions display merged public and user data into meaningful combined maps ready for download and analysis

Data integration

Easily combine sales comps, public records, and custom point data to run both spatial and quantitative analysis

Regression analysis

Regression analysis functions filter potential drivers of value from geo-layered and point data on a completely custom and interactive interface

Adjustment tables

VR uses regression analysis with any combination of user/public data to quickly and easily make on-the-fly, highly supported, value adjustments

Create Report Ready Valuations

Take a look to see how data collection, management, and analysis can be easily applied to any Valuation Report in minutes with ValueRequest.

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See our project workspace on how to easily apply value to any appraisal

Interactive GIS

An in-depth look at VR's mapping capabilities and interactive data points and polygons

Data integration

Complete and easy to apply data integration techniques for relevant property info

Statistical analysis

Automatically apply complete statistical analysis to any combinations of variables

Comprehensive adjustments

Support your property valuation through immediate and custom adjustment analysis